Thursday, 4 October 2012

My showreel from the past year from MSc Digital Visual Effects.

Check out the blog of The Box short animation.

Final 3-month project created during the summer of MSc Digital Visual Effect.
A short animated story by Stefanos Dimitriou, Marios Zenios and Yiannis Philiastides

Destruction of glass using Realflow dynamics.

Brick wall demolition with a ball in Realflow dynamics.

Snake formation created using Python only in Autodesk Maya.

A bouncing ball that was programmed to bounce in Autodesk Maya using Python programming.

Flamethrower effect attempt on Autodesk Maya Fluids

Explosion using Autodesk Maya Fluids

Composition of CG car in real footage using Autodesk Maya and NukeX

nCloth text dynamics using Autodesk Maya.

Group project made with Maya 2012 and Nuke.

Transformation of hand using Autodesk Maya, NukeX and Adobe AfterEffects

Smoke coming out of ears, using Autodesk Maya particles

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

First project done in the MSc Digital Visual Effects course.